Cybersecurity encompasses the set of measures aimed at the digital protection of companies, people and systems against digital attacks.

Cyberphysical systems equipped with Internet technology require reliable concepts and technologies to ensure the security, privacy and protection of knowledge. Therefore, it is crucial to have reliable and secure communications, along with a sophisticated identity and a management of machine access.

Today, companies have a large digital presence, either publicly exposed via the Internet or internally through computer systems to manage data and internal processes. being able to effectively protect against new threats exposes current companies to the loss of confidential information, to a negative impact on their own brand, to the inability to carry out business activity and to the violation of specific laws, such as new data protection regulations, non-compliance with which carries severe penalties

Distributed Registration Technologies (DLT)

These technologies are also known as blockchain .

The blockchain is a distributed and decentralized database, made up of blockchains designed to prevent a once a data has been published, which uses a digital stamp in time and links a block with the previous one. Enables financial and non-financial transactions between two participants securely, reliably and irreversibly, without the need for an intermediary or a central authority > establishing a relationship of trust between the parties or verifying transactions.

Groups with this technological capacity: