Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is the science of making machines that behave like humans, or performing actions that require intelligence.
We can also understand Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the ability of a system to interpret external data correctly, learn from it, and use the knowledge gained to complete tasks and achieve specific goals through adaptation. flexible. In its earliest form, the goal of the algorithm was to solve problems by following step-by-step reasoning, usually using concepts of probability, trying to limit the ramifications to a number that the computer could handle. Currently, some of the purposes of artificial intelligence are the representation of knowledge, the prediction of events or actions, machine learning, and perception. AI-based systems can be purely software-based, acting in the virtual world (e.g., voice assistants, image analysis software, search engines, voice and face recognition systems, digital twins , metavers) or AI may be integrated into hardware devices (e.g., advanced robots, autonomous cars, drones, or the Internet of Things applications).

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