This clean technologies group focuses its activity on applied research for the development and implementation of clean technologies for industrial uses, contributing to the efficient use of resources in order to minimize the impact of emissions and risks, as well as of the resulting waste. The technologies developed are based on chemical and biological treatments, as well as the integration of knowledge about electrical and thermal energy, electronics and computer science. The main fields of application are: the circular economy, sustainable water management, energy efficiency, renewable energies, chemistry, energy, mining, agri-food, textiles, plastics and construction, among others.

Research lines

  • Water.
  • Soils and groundwater.
  • Air and emissions.
  • Risk analysis.
  • Simulation and modeling.
  • Waste and circular economy.
  • Electrical and thermal energy.
  • Electric mobility and energy storage systems.
  • Sustainable impact.

Technological capabilities

  • Scientific-technological diagnosis.
  • Experimental evaluation.
  • Development of new technologies and processes.
  • Characterization and technological analysis.
  • Simulation and optimization of processes.
  • Experimental validation and scaling.

Use cases

  • NEXTGEN: Towards a new generation of water systems and services for the circular economy.
  • ULTIMATE: Industrial synergies in the water sector by a smarter society in water management.
  • RIBAS: Reactive infiltration for in situ soil decontamination.