Networks and Applications

Networks and Applications

The Networks and Applications research group is working to establish itself as one of the European leaders in distributed network and application research, responding to the challenge of designing, deploying and operating the distributed communications and application networks of the future, focusing especially on 5G.

Research lines

  • 5G and IoT communications:
    • Wireless internet networks.
    • Software defined networks.
    • InterNetwork recursive architecture.
  • Virtual and immersive technologies.
  • Distributed artificial intelligence.
  • Cybersecurity and Blockchain.

Technological capabilities

  • 5G and IoT:
    • Multi-tenant wireless access control / management.
    • Machine Learning (ML) for wireless access networks.
    • LPWAN (low power wide area network) for the constellations of LEO satellites.
    • Evaluation of V2X technologies and virtualized functions of V2X applications.
    • “Preparing for AI” for software and network management systems.
    • Slice Elastic modeling and management extensions.
    • Integration and harmonization of NFV, MEC, Cloud-Native VIMs / NFVOs.
    • Elements related to security and satellite in the VNF life cycle.
    • Network virtualization solutions based on RINA, the Internet Resource Architecture.
  • Virtual and immersive technologies:
    • Network-based multimedia services for XR conferencing.
    • Transmission of immersive content formats (360, 3D, PC, Lighftield).
  • Distributed artificial intelligence:
    • For smart manufacturing.
    • For 5G networks and beyond.
    • For image and sound recognition.
    • For cybersecurity.
  • Cybersecurity:
    • Cybersecurity as a service.
    • Risk assessment and management.
    • Privacy Enhancement Technologies (PET).
    • Data security and privacy.
    • Identity management.
  • Blockchain:
    • Information and resources shared between unreliable network operators, their partners and customers.
    • Shared data and content preserving privacy.
    • Digital identity and traceability.
  • R+D.
  • Strategic projects.
  • Technical transfer.
  • Cooperation and co-creation to encourage business innovation.

Use cases

  • SHIELD: An innovative approach to information security.
  • 5GZORRO: Distributed security and trust services for ubiquitous computing and connectivity on 5G networks.
  • CARAMEL: Cybersecurity based on artificial intelligence for connected and automated vehicles.