Motion Control and Industrial Applications

The MCIA group is a center of reference for research, development and innovation in the fields of production systems and energy efficiency applied to the industrial, energy and transport sectors. The activity of the MCIA group is based on research and knowledge generation, which allows a transfer of technology of high innovative value and high competitive level. The MCIA research group has accumulated more than 50 doctoral theses read, more than 250 publications in international indexed journals, more than 500 participations in national and international conferences, as well as more than 100 technology transfer and research agreements with companies and research centers. The MCIA research group is a member of the Center for Innovation and Technology of the UPC, CiT, and a member of the TECNIO network of the Agency for Business Competitiveness of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Research lines

  • Energy efficiency.
  • Industrial electronics.
  • Electric Traction and Mechatronics.
  • Industrial maintenance.
  • High Voltage Systems.

Technological capabilities

  • Simulation of Mechatronic Systems.
  • Modeling and Analysis by Finite Elements.
  • Control and Design of Electric Drives.
  • Hardware development of different topologies of Power Converters, Conditioning Circuits and Interfaces.
  • Development of custom application software based on DSP, microcontroller and FPGA technologies.
  • Implementation of Supervision and Data Acquisition Systems for industrial processes and energy management.
  • Instrumentation and Measurement for the Diagnosis of Mechanical Systems.
  • Measurement and Analysis of energy consumption in industrial processes.
  • Energy Quality Reports.
  • Software Development for Energy Management.
  • Development of High Performance Power Amplifiers.
  • Advice and Technical Reports for Companies.
  • Personalized Vocational Training and Technology Transfer to companies.

Use cases