Communication Circuits and Systems Research

Experience in the use and development of CAD techniques for the analysis and design of electronic circuits. Switched circuits, variant circuits, nonlinear circuits and distributed parameter circuits. Stability and bifurcation analysis.

Low energy and low cost wireless communication systems. CMOS integration of communications receivers and transceivers. Advanced signal modulation techniques (spread spectrum, ultra-wideband, OFDM). Wake-up radio systems.

Systems engineering and systems integration. Embedded systems. Low consumption processing techniques and programmable devices. Sensor and ad-hoc networks. Internet of Things (IoT). 5G technologies. Wearable systems for monitoring human activity. E-health monitoring systems. Human walking monitoring. Smart Sensors for Industry 4.0. Drones technology.

Research lines

  • CAD techniques for circuit design.
  • Stability analysis and bifurcation of electronic circuits.
  • Low power communication systems.
  • Design of low power wireless communication networks.
  • CMOS integration of communication receivers and transceivers.

Technological capabilities

  • Development of tools and techniques for the analysis, design and optimization of linear, nonlinear, invariant and switched circuits with concentrated and distributed parameters.
  • Investigate communication protocols for low power transceivers, synchronization techniques.
  • Micropower techniques for programmable devices.
  • Design, manufacture and testing of electronic and communications systems.

Use cases

  • Vibration monitoring in industrial machines (numerical control, milling machines).
  • Measurement of vibrations on railway tracks (traffic, wear of supports, rails and wheels).
  • Monitoring of sewing machine activity in garment workshops.
  • Monitoring of environmental conditions of workers (temperature, humidity, vibrations, noises, position) in factories and in mining.
  • Sensors to monitor the walk of people. Disease detection, rehabilitation support.
  • Sensors to detect falls of elderly people in residences.
  • UCI bed inclinometer.
  • Low-power communications integrated circuits.